The first line of the underground railway in New York.

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In 1904, a new public transportation system, the New York City Subway, began to change the city forever. For the first time, the City Hall station received passengers on October 27, but at the moment the station is closed to passengers and is used only for U-Turn trains No. 6, which have the final stop at the Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall station. However, most people do not know that this subway is not the first in New York. As a result of the heavy congestion on Broadway, Alfred Eli Beach (the young owner of the Scientific American print) got the idea - to create an underground railway. Due to the venality of Commissioner William Tweed, the young guy had to purchase an agreement to build his own tunnel, pretending to be used to deliver mail. Tweed made a profit mostly from public transport. He later gave the go-ahead for a major bribe. After illegally obtaining approval for the construction, a small group of people began to dig a tunnel under Broadway at night. The whole enterprise was a secret, the work was carried out under the building, which was intentionally purchased in order to hide everything. The work went well. However, all this could not be secret forever. And shortly before they were able to complete their first route, reporters learned about it, and the information became public, after which the team worked to complete the metro as soon as possible. And in the end, they opened to the public on 01.03.1870. The fare was a quarter dollar for a passenger to travel from Warren Street to Murray Street. It was a huge success - during one year of operation more than four hundred thousand passengers were transported. Unfortunately, Tweed was outraged and put a ban on the upcoming metro growth. Ultimately, Tweed, which allowed the construction of the metro for a large sum, was detained and, by court order, sent to prison for numerous corruption crimes. Later, the authorities decided to resume the work of the underground railway, but unfortunately, due to financial decline, all private investors stopped financing the project. As a result, the metro closed and remained hidden under the city, completely sealed (complete with a luxury car) until it was included in the current station of the city hall.

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