The concept of match-fixing ?

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The concept of match-fixing

Fixing carried everywhere. Most of you will not realize that even the most seemingly dramatic football matches were contracting, buy picks. Often, match-fixing bring much more profit than winning the tournament.  

The concept of match-fixing is simple:  

The fate of match-fixing in hockey, soccer or any other sport stakeholders decide . That is, a certain number of people know about the result of contractual soccer picks game before it starts. Players can not even imagine it.
Information about match-fixing — a lot of money. First , the organizers of match-fixing fraud devastate bookmakers . Bet on match-fixing — a winning lottery game . Second, there will always be willing to buy information about match-fixing .
Where and how to buy match-fixing ? How not to let ourselves be deceived ?  

A dozen forums about match-fixing . And you 've probably stumbled upon a proposal " Sell a match-fixing ." Be careful! Do not look for match-fixing in the forums . Think you yourself would disclose this information ? 90% match-fixing whistleblowers ordinary crooks. On the remaining 10 % know little — information about match-fixing disclosed reluctantly. 

Our country sites match-fixing only gaining in popularity. You can stand on one side , and you can get your piece of the pie , the choice is yours! If you decide to become a master of your life , learn about the next game-fixing and go to the bookmakers.  

Free match-fixing — Myth or Reality?  

Free cheese only in a mousetrap. Fixing are not free . Cost information from the source can reach tens of thousands of dollars. By purchasing a match-fixing , intermediaries resell them cheaper, but more people . While information about match-fixing comes to you, it can considerably " cheaper ", but free to you no one will give . Do not be afraid to invest their money. No business does not make a profit percentage as betting on match-fixing .  

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