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BLINTSY - the regional name of pancakes in Grodno region - a traditional Belarusian flour product. The word "pancake" occurs from distorted "mill" that testifies about the main ingredient of a product - a flour. Known from common Slavic times. Some researchers consider that they were the first type of bread in ancestors of the Belarusian. Earlier for baking of pancakes different grades of a flour were used: rye, barley grits, buckwheat, oat and wheat, and now - mainly the last. Pancakes from grated potatoes call hash browns. Pancakes wheat (the recipe from the vilensky edition of 1881 "Lithuanian cook"): The 3rd glasses of "summer" milk, glass of drawn butter, 6 eggs, the flour in a proportion, 2 spoons of yeast, strongly shake up, put that dough approached, and bake pancakes on small frying pans. Alexey Shalanda.
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