Officially, it is called The Republic of Belarus, a sovereign independent state with its own government, constitution, state emblem, flag and anthem. Belarus is a member – state of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and one of the UN (United States) founder members.  
  To describe our land once need to be a poet. If you go north, you will see land of Braslaw lakes with crystal clear blue waters, surrounded by pine groves. Belarus is a lake country. There are about 10800 lakes here. The largest is lake Naroch – 80 square kilometers. The lakes are noted for their great depth, transparent water and beautiful scenery. If you go west you will fined yourself among fields and meadows. In the south you will be impressed by forests and marshes. The largest forest called pushchas. The Belovezhskaya pushcha is famous for its aurochs. Fauna is rich and diverse there.  
   Historians cant explain exactly the origin of the name Belarus. Some of them believe that in ancient times to be white meant to be free  In the 13th.century when the East Slavonic lands were under Tatar-Mongol york these. These part of Slavonic lands was free. That’s why these land was called Belay Rus. There is one more version of the origin of the name Belarus. People who live in that part of Slavonic lands were dressed in white clothes made of felts and had grey or blue eyes and fair hair.  
   The history of Belarus is really striking. It was destroyed, burnt and ruined not once during its long history, but every time it rose from ruins and ashes like the mythical bird Phoenix. At the beginning of the 20th century Bel. was backward province of the Russian Empire, called the North — Western region. About 80 per cent of its population were illiterate. The Belarusian’s were not even regarded as a nation at that time. In 1919 Bel. was proclaimed the Belarusian Soviet Socialistic Republic and in 1922 became the member of the USSR. During World War second Bel. suffered greatly. It lost more than half of its national wealth. But despite all this Bel. has restored its cities, rebuilt its economy and now Bel. is a small, beautiful country with heroic past and difficult present.  
   The territory of Bel. divided  into 6 regions: Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Minsk and Mogilev. The capital is Minsk.  
   Belarus is a republic of well-developed science and culture. There are 37 state higher educational establishments, the Academy of science, about 400 professional schools there. Secondary education is compulsory and free.  
   Also Bel. has a high developed industry. Today Belarusian industry produce tractors, big lorries, automatic lines, computers, TV-sets etc that enjoy high reputation both in our country and abroad.  
   The long history has taught Byelorussians to overcome difficulties. Today they are optimistic because their historical experience makes them sure they will do their best to preserve their unique culture, language and revive industry. By the way, Belarus is the country with unique history and rich culture heritage. Belarus situated in the heart of Europe where all roads meet.